It’ll come back 

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“.. It’ll come back, haunting you

the moment you close your eyes..”
What if I told you it’s not yet over?

That life has many more surprises which need to be unwrapped by you?

You might feel like giving up today but the truth is you’ll survive. And you know the truth well, as you’ve gotten up every damn time you had fallen flat on your face. It’s okay not to get everything. It’s okay not to break down over the stupidest things and lose all your hope and waalon in self-blame.

It’s okay to be all alone sometimes

The world won’t stop pushing you down.

It’ll come back, haunting you the moment you close your eyes.

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Words that Paint #15

Let me sway in the ardour of your passion, my love. 
Let me weave memories in the essence of your being. 
Let me have a moment of ecstasy before I launch into derision for the rest of my life. 
Let me, just let me be this way, locked in your arms and lost in your breath, for the last time.
– TemptationOfWords 


Some lines from my upcoming novel, ‘Sojourn’.

“After all this time, she wanted to see herself the way he had seen her. The way he had looked at her, almost looking into her very soul, each time, before making love to her. The way he had devoured her with his gaze and the way he had made her blush with each movement of his eyes, his breath gaining momentum as he drank in the sight of her, driven by raging passions.”

I hope you like them 🙂 

Words that Paint #14

Sometimes, Nature brings out the best in you. And it is this force that drives all the emotions and feelings in our system.
So, I was sitting in my garden and I saw this tree. Just then I knew that I wanted to capture it, not only in a picture, but in my words as well.


Anarchy and Truth

Yeah, this post isn’t about my upcoming book, it is a stolen piece of writing from the musings I often end up writing to myself.

 Come on, write and vent it our of your system because this world has the capacity to tear you to pieces and you won’t even realize how hard it’s going to get and how willingly you’re going to let the world suck out your soul, leaving you with emptiness and shredded self confidence as residue.

Why do I need to let people decide what is and what is not good for me?

Even if I’m unable to take control over my life, it is still my life and I shouldn’t allow anyone to overtake it, not even the people I care about or who care about me.

Is anarchy a good thing? Well, it should have been, as far as the human mind is concerned – at least there wouldn’t have been any instances of blockage and claustrophobia.

Anyway, how does it even matter? As long as it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t bother you as well.

Sign out. 


A piece from my upcoming novel, SOJOURN.

For the first time, I am revealing something from inside the pages. I hope all my readers like it 😍


Book releasing tentatively, in May 2017, shall be available across all online book selling platforms. 

More such quotes to come 🙂

“Sojourn – A Woman In Exile”


“Eleven years had passed, and, still she stood where she had left him. The places had changed. The surroundings had changed. The people had changed. Age had changed her as well, but her eyes remained the same, hidden beneath the lightly smudged kohl. Only it seemed, that they had lost their light. That spark had been dimmed the day she left him behind.”

This is a simple story of belief, trust and self-sacrifice in the very ardour of love for someone who is lost to you forever. It is the relationship between life and the individual that this tale seeks to unravel in a mere thousand words.

Even though there is a surge of love stories in the market, there are very few stories that will touch your heart and have elements of surrealism and eternity in them. Sojourn is one such love story where the author delves into the past life of a thirty-six year old woman, in whose heart is locked away a romance of her time.

Now this is exciting. Very, very exciting. Being an Author now, I must try to subdue this excitement and replace it with modesty.

Ah! Yes, I’m about to publish my big project in the next two months. So what? I’m a writer. I must not brag. But I’m sorry to say that deep inside, in a very cosy corner of my heart, I’m yearning to dance and shout out my joy to everyone. Both to people I know and people I don’t. I just can’t seem to maintain the facade of a modest individual who is balanced and mature because of course she wrote a book!

Bleh. Who cares what everyone has to think about me? I worked hard to put together a novel and I shall now work hard to enjoy this moment to the fullest.And, and this is the first time I’m going to talk about being an author and about my first book.

Of course, there’s a lot of apprehension as I face reality and think about all those things that may or may not happen. I mean, every writer puts in time and thought in the books they write, but not all books are able to cross the line and enter the list of best sellers. There are times when we find a book to be a raging best seller, but when we actually read it, it often leaves us wondering what the public saw in that book.

Being an author now would deprive me of the privilege I held as a reader. As an unanswerable and rightful reader who could express any kind of opinion on any book, whatsoever. And this is exactly what I fear for my book, a book that I have weaved with utmost care and love, carving out the words on the dry pages of blue diary with blue ink. I fear how the reader in all his/her unabashed reading will fail to see the hard work that goes within the entire process. All they have is the narrative without a definite context. As is often said, a book has as many interpretations, as many readers it has.

“Sojourn” has a similar function. I have narrated the story in third person narrative, but the end is open-ended. I left it that way deliberately. I didn’t want to impose any kind of mindset onto the readers. I want them to realize the potential of each story and how it can be interpreted in numerous ways. In as many ways as the reader wants.

Though this is a love story, the element of romance remains in the background. It evolves majorly as a story about relationships, between parents and children, or between husband and wife, between lovers or even friends as of that matter. I’m a little stingy in giving away too much of the story because I feel like I’m giving away everything. I shall put up the blurb for my readers to read. I hope they like it!

Cover to be revealed soon 🙂

Sign Out.

Words that Paint #13

We are different because we were made different.
We are different because we were brought up differently.
We are different because we are two different human beings.

But we chose to fall in love with each other and that’s what makes us similar.
You can choose your perspective either to mourn or celebrate this relationship.


Words that Paint #12

Vignettes of our life are all I have. 
Vignettes of the history we shared. 

I watch the sun go down and the clouds fly away, but those memories are etched onto my existence. 

That’s how hard it is for me to stay away from You. 


Write. Publish. Repeat.

22 February 2016 was the day I first conceived the plot of my novel, releasing sometime in 2017. Happy Birthday to that!
It has been almost a year and I’m still not through with the publication process. I know, I know, it takes a lot of time. Some even say that I’m lucky enough to get it done within a year. They knew of instances where it took more than 2 years!

Let me make it clear that we’re talking about Traditional Publishing. The kind of publishing where the author has to beg for approval from literary agents and publishers, and is completely at their mercy for his/her book to get published. If, however the book manages to sell, the same author gets a tiny amount from the price of the book, say 10% while the publisher enjoys the rest.
Why? Why on Earth do you think that such an unfair transaction is preferred over Self Publishing where the author gets over 50% of the price of his book on book sales. The only difference being that he/she has to pay a certain amount at the start of the publication process. 

Now, I am a Writer. Yes, I can call myself one. I’ve published before and I’m going to publish again. This time it’s a novel. A story of characters and their relationships with each other, in the most basic sense. It’s funny. I’m happy, but I’m scared at the same time. I’m reluctant to give over my work to the pruning eyes of a reader. But I’m also excited about the same thing. Oh. Writers are weird and one must never trust what they say. They talk in Paradox.
However, I forgot what I was going to write about in this post.
Sign Out.