An Idea to Change the Face of India

2015. Delhi State Polls. 188 out of 673 candidates, that is 27% of our probable leaders have declared pending criminal cases against them.
Does it seem odd? Well, to me it certainly does. People generally are fearful that having any sort of criminal record against their name might hinder in fetching them a job, but let me assure you that here in Politics, it does render you as the Supreme candidate and the most probable leader of the nation; the Chief Minister of the capital city of INDIA, as of in this case. First things first, the most important question that I guess nobody has been able to address until now is WHY? ; Why do we need to allow people with such backgrounds to contest elections and that too elections for the leaders of the nation, people who will affect the law making procedures of our country in every rightful way? These people, who themselves are offenders of that very Law, how can they in the least possible way address issues of the same? No wonder India is conceptually corrupt, it has been corrupt from its very conception back then in 1947 and continues to remain so, maybe even more. If a population of over a billion, consisting of world acknowledged doctors, engineers, scientists, managers, administrators and what not; chooses to shut their eyes, ears and also brains to such basic questions of governance, then how on Earth can we even dare to dream to be world-class India or a better India?
No, to think of it, out of the booming population (soon estimated to surpass China and hold the first position) could we not find enough individuals to contest elections in our so-called Democracy without having any black mark on their personality? At one level, it’s shameful for the people of India to blindly vote for such candidates and thereafter suffer at their hands but at another level, it also takes us down to the problem that serves at the roots of our democracy. Well, this is just and idea, and we never know, this idea may change our life. What I tend to propose as a young 21-year-old citizen of India, is a new system of politics completely devoid of any political party. Yes, let us do away with this system of political parties and the unhinged power that such agglomerations impart to their candidates. The equation thereafter will be much simpler. No political parties; No power relations; No race for the party ticket and so no CORRUPTION and less crime. Definitely, No criminals contesting to become leaders of our nation.

Statistics from HINDUSTAN TIMES, 31st January 2015 edition.
Statistics from HINDUSTAN TIMES, 31st January 2015 edition.

What I tend to propose goes this way:

1.National examinations held every 2-3 years for the post of the President, Prime Minister and the various Ministers of the State along with the Cabinet ministers, respective of their fields of interest. Let each candidate face an overbearing competitive examination and emerge as the selected candidates, based entirely on their merit. At least in such a situation there would be no hunt for power and money by the candidates as they will not know each other beforehand.
2.The selected candidates would then have to upload their profiles and manifestos on social media, print media, visual media, public hoardings, etc. This way a lot of money that goes into the useless election campaigns of the various political parties can be saved and utilized for conducting the National Examination. Thereafter, we can proceed with the usual voting process to let the public decide on their leaders.
3.An important factor to be kept in mind has to be the Tenure of Service for such elected candidates. 5 years is a long-term, enough to gather allies and create havoc over the nation, so let it be reduced to 2 years, at most 3 years after which the examination should be held again. The candidates who had once cleared and have served a term must clear the examination all over again. This way we ensure that candidates do not have any greed or opportunity to en-route to corrupt ways of making personal profits and corroding the nation.
4.The pin rule is definitely that No candidate with a pending criminal case or declared guilty case would be even allowed to sit for such exams.
5.A team of administrators, mainly IAS officers, can be made in-charge of the proper implementation of the examination. Actually my idea is very similar to the IAS, IPS and IFS examinations held in my country. What is mandatory is the revolution of even this core team every 2 to 3 years. Stagnation leads to rotting; a flowing river is always healthy.

Holding national-level-examinations to entries to various bureaus will also save other federations like the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) that is receiving a lot of flak for being overtly political in their ways rather than being creative. Of course my proposed idea is open to amendments and criticism but if the current model of governance is not yielding satisfactory results then I guess there’s no harm trying out new ways! And I think that a truly Secular Democratic India can be achieved this way.

Enough Prattle About Religion


So here I bring to you the latest news in my country.We have hoards of people burning down effigies of renowned actor Aamir Khan and banning his movie PK from certain parts of the country because they felt that a Muslim actor had no right to degrade Religion(mind you it’s always with a capital ‘R’) especially Hindu gods in his latest flick. Let me assure you readers that no educated, sensible individual would find anything degrading about gods in the movie; and that is why I don’t understand why certain people have so many issues with the content of the movie.

First obvious reason as to why such attacks are made seems to me that clearly such Hindu outfits are unemployed or in the least they have nothing to do except to eat, pray or sleep and at times to come up with hideous ideas of protesting against a mere cinematic representation when a lot of other IMPORTANT issues are awaiting their notice. Violent or not; let’s leave it upon these highly intellectual people to decide. Secondly the most important question that arises is “What on Earth is their problem?” I mean even I am a Hindu and I don’t find anything wrong with the movie. Yes it does portray Hindu gods in a jovial light but, excuse me, I don’t feel the need to exaggerate this issue because within the context of the cinematic representation of PK there was absolutely no degradation of any God whatsoever. The idea inherent to the plot was to transcend the social, religious or any sort of human identity in creating the protagonist as an extra-terrestrial creature; the analogy of an infant can be put to use here. A human child when born is completely unaware of the social entrapments of this world but gradually we tend to inject into the child various forms of identities and trap him in mind forged networks to stifle his individuality, something that is needed for Society as a unit to survive. Education, and that too the correct one, can liberate him but I guess these ‘Hindu’ outfits aren’t  educated enough to realize the difference between words like ‘context’, ‘art’, ‘analogy’ and ‘ideas’ and hence get caught in their own infantile tantrums by protesting against a cinematic representation; making it a matter of life and death. Practically, if one doesn’t like a particular movie, one can choose not to watch it but not end up creating a racquet about it. And third, I want to point out to evident outstanding success of the movie in a majorly ‘Hindu’ nation. So does that shut up the filth of the so called ‘Hindu’ protesters or should I presume that they are the only educated elite, thereby the saviours of our nation and that the rest must blindly follow them because they cannot decide for themselves? Injecting intellect into these ‘outfits’ is not possible. But not encouraging them by actually heeding to their nonsense or tight security against them can be considered an alternative. And if these saviours really have fire in their bellies then somebody please introduce them to issues such as Rape, Corruption, Terrorism and so many others. At least then they could be of some use.

Least I can only applaud these protestors for creating more interest in PK amongst the viewers and also helping Aamir Khan to gorge upon more and more money. I rest my case.

Black. Smoke. Dead.

Our own feelings at times result in a gloom that prevails over our eyes and foreshadows all emotions leaving behind a certain kind of Darkness. Something I’m certainly going through at this point and how do I open my eyes to the real world?  How do I get myself out of this stupor, this ‘apparent’ pain that haunts me, brimming my eyes every time I think about it and renders me a living Dead person.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is being capable of saving me from drowning and so finally I decided to pen it down ; atleast this Smoke should be of some use to me!
As I’m studying Literature, I’ve come across this really quirky play Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen and somewhere I really connect to it because it talks of a poignant yet a very precocious issue; the question of hanging on to a hypocritical relationship, be it husband-wife or parent-child or anything as of that kind. The main question is why does the Society, the biggest hypocrite, have to put mind-forged chains to stifle a happy and peaceful existence? What is the need to appear to live together happily when in reality every moment heads towards Collapse. I’m not too aware of situations in the West but here in India, certain relationships can become claustrophobic to the extent of driving one mad with rage or may even push one off the edge. But relax I’m in no mood to turn my blog into a suicide letter by taking the obvious step because yet another problem of Indian societies is the Inability to take a Decision, positive negative whatever; we’re used to getting used to everything; and we try and feel better by either creating a blog out of it (like me) or by waiting for time to pass. You know Time heals the deepest of pains. Yeah yeah true it does but I guess the marks remain for life.
Some of you may feel reading this a waste of time as in the end nothing really happens and I’m still not over my ‘apparent’ pain, but I do have the satisfaction of a new post for my blog! Like I said, utilizing your pain for a better cause is not such a bad idea.

The Visible Gender Debate in Bollywood

Before I start, let me make one thing absolutely clear. Under no circumstances do the characters or personas used in my writings bear any resemblance to real life people and neither is this post supposed to hold an offence against anybody. It is simply a parody of the existent Gender debate in Bollywood.


“Letter from an Actor to an Item Girl”

Dear Baby doll,

I have been thinking for a very long time to write to you regarding the popularity that you have been gaining prior to just one item song in my film.Yes, my film! Because you don’t work as hard as I do to acquire the flawless six pack abs, soon to be eight.

I would like to remind you that no matter how much you flaunt your sex appeal and the horrendous ‘cholis’, I own this film and no matter what I will never let you take over. And yes, this time I do plan to do the entire film shirtless in order to regain my position at the “World’s Most Desirable Men”.

I’m still not over the trauma of my previous film getting accolades all for Munni. I mean who does that? I have threatened the director not to take any more item girls in the next part or else he would have to cast Dobby Darling instead of me. just remember that I don’t like sharing my credits with silly item girls like you and if you will still try and stick to my movie with ‘Fevicol’…I will sincerely pray to God that you must get married, bear 4-6 children and never get rid of your pregnancy weight,like my ex-girlfriend (Aishwarya Bai).

Don’t just consider this a warning. I mean it Baby doll.

Yours lovingly,

Chulbul Pandey.

P.S. :Don’t even think of Tweeting, once you get this greeting!

No matter how much you shorten your skirt, Doll!

I’ll make sure, my packs rule the Hall.

Sikkim-The Heart of India’s Serenity


No wonder, this state of India has been awarded the National Tourism Award 2012-13 by the Union Ministry of Tourism; including the fact that it exhibits lowest crime rate and is an immensely enriching window to nature that will definitely set your heart racing! The best time for travelling to Sikkim is in the month of October-November, though I wasn’t very late in going around December end. With excellent road connectivity from Gangtok (capital) to Nathula Pass at a height of 14,200ft. above sea level, the journey is smooth and devouring. Talking of the Nathula Pass, it is the India-China border more so Tibet and can be one hell of an experience as we witness extremes of temperature and cruel icy winds cutting across you! It also introduces us to the lives of the soldiers serving at such borders, sacrificing all for our safety. Hat’s off to them for such Courage! The trivia of such a site is the tourists because you’ll see hoards of them clicking selfies with the soldiers and eating popcorn with them. Another positive aspect of travelling to such a place is that it’ll make you realize that these tiffs between India and China is maybe only on paper because you’ll find people interacting with Chinese soldiers (I must say well dressed and handsome!) and treating them almost like celebrities. Besides the whole of Sikkim is no less than a tourist’s platter with Pelling, Lachung, Namchi, Ravangla, Rangpo, Jorethang and many more places to visit with your family. Ice capped peaks, pleasant cool winds and healthy vegetation, they all set the mood for an enriching Romantic experience. Another place that is worth a mention as per my experience is the replica of the 4-Dhams at one place that gives you a sense of spiritual satisfaction on the partial accomplishment of the ‘4-Dham Yatra’, the dream of all Indians! Monasteries yet another word that describes Sikkim especially the Rumtek Monastery with the huge Golden Stupa. A picto-graphic place with elite aesthetic and inherent tranquility. I’m sure you’ll love it!


Talking of the culture and the people of Sikkim then only one word can describe the natives and that is ‘Cute’ because they’re so fair with red blushed cheeks and they live in petite wooden houses on hill-tops amidst the lush green environs. I don’t know about everybody but someone who like me is of a Poetic nature will definitely have an ardent desire to own a beautiful cottage in some remote corner of Sikkim and maybe write a book, basking in the winter sun! I know, I know I’m digressing but such is the tranquility that this place emits. The food however can be the problem area for a hardcore vegetarian as the smell of meat is ineluctable even in vegetable noodles. But of course if you’re a meat eater then Sikkim is a delight for you. Meat roasted on raw fire spiced up with local spices is a respite for us Indians. Moving on to Sikkim as the Trekker’s Paradise, surely will require a lot of trekking on your part. The Yuksom to Dzongri Trail is a famous trekking trail that ends with a view of the mighty Kunchenjunga. So warm comfortable clothes, boots or sport shoes, reserve food and obviously an Image capturing device that works on light mechanisms (Camera) is a must! Besides don’t forget to get your pictures clicked in the traditional attire of Sikkim (age/gender no bar) creating lots of memories with your family and friends.

Signing off I would only like to add that if possible, one must also try and visit Darjeeling, Siliguri and Kalimpong, the neighbouring places for obviously more fun and adventure. And oh! Did I mention the joyous Yak ride on the way back from Nathula Pass? It’s definitely a must!


The Story of an Indian woman. A Story we don’t want to Know.

Finally Free


The beep of the sonography

Declared me a daughter..

I was happy to see my family

They turned out to be slaughter..

Perpetually denied and oppressed..

All my dreams and aspirations

were happily suppressed…

Treated inhuman ,

I struggled to survive..

a dream in my eyes..

I still longed to be alive!

On attaining twenty…

When a saree I draped,

to crush my soul..

I was brutally raped.

He stripped me of every cloth

And of every feeling..

But couldn’t extinguish the fire,

In me was slowly unveiling..

Seeking bliss..I found a mate,

He promised to love me…

Not fearing the fate!

But my happiness like always had to be ruined!

To marry the rapist…

I was doomed!

First time in life,

I took a stand.

I eloped , got married..

I din’t wish to get hanged!

And surprisingly this happened to me…

They blamed me for rape…

And ruin of family!

So they came after us..

guns and swords in hand!

Slit my lover apart,

and made my life bland..

With a single shot, I was dead!

The Earth beneath us…painted Red.

After such a life…

Of pain and despotism,

I was free when I died..

And happy with freedom.

Belief. Love. Life. Books.

What could have been more exhilarating than writing one’s own blog! Something I was so keen on pursuing but never got a chance to. However the time has come to unleash the Writer in me and so there will be no stopping now.

Belief. Love. Life. Books. They will get me going. Away from things (living, non living and abstract) that stifle my existence. Away to a new world where I can breathe the air that I want to breathe; not what somebody else decides for me 🙂

I am a student of Literature and that makes me immensely proud of myself. You must know why, because Literature has a hidden soul and once it unites with your soul, it can give you wings to fly.

If you are willing to break barriers of oppression and live life on your own terms, if you have a zeal to convey your opinions, your convictions without fear and if all you want is to live your life on your own terms; then I guess my writing will appeal to you.

Rest, the readers are the best judge, of course.